Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Web Hosting with Ajiboye

Ajiboye The best Web Host

 Powerful machinery at your fingertips

State of the art: servers, network, management
You need a home for your website online. One that will keep your website running, securely, round the clock. We've built  it especially with your needs in mind, and its first class all the way! You want to launch a new business online. Lets go over a few things that are very important to make sure the site runs smoothly. 

A good domain will go a long way. Research, research, and research! A good name is one that people will remember. Next you will need a reliable payment processing platform if you're selling anything or receiving payments. And finally great web hosting is required. Great web hosting, more than anything, will ultimately determine if people come back to your site or not. Your site must always be up and running 100% of the time or you lose money! 

When choosing a web host, such as Hostgator or iPage, do your research! There are specific components to a great hosting company that you will need to know of. Great hosts do not make extravagant claims about not using tons of bandwidth. Always look for a guarantee like AJIBOYE.COM  
If a company promises you 100% up time, beware. That is virtually impossible. 99.9% maybe! Watch for what they are giving back if they break their initial promise. A lot of companies say "guaranteed," but then never actually offer anything if they don't follow through on the guarantee. And finally, pay attention to their customer service.

 Find a company that offers the best customer service! A great site to find out about the top web hosting companies is a site called Online Host Reviewer. This site offers unbiased and free advice as well as in-depth reviews on them. Great web hosts don't make unrealistic promises just to lure more customers. Instead, they aim to run a web host that makes a profit, and at the same time ensures that the customer's needs are always taken care of. Start your research at Online Host Reviewer. The hosting review website is an authority for web hosting plans and they have done their hosting plan research!

You can't afford to keep your users waiting. And you really can't afford any downtime.

Ajiboye servers are designed to these minimum configurations, to deliver breakthrough performance and 99.9% up time.

Located in Oxford, Connecticut – 80 miles from New York City, 145 miles from Boston and 145 miles from Philadelphia, our data center provides:Ajiboye high performance servers are housed in the state of the artSteelvault Data Center, a HIPAA compliant and SAS 70 Type 1 compliant facility. 
  • maximum network uptime, utilizing redundant Internet providers: Fibertech, Lightpath, AboveNet, AT&T, Cogent and Level 3
  • redundant power providers
  • uninterrupted power supply (UPS) regulators
  • automatic backup/emergency power generators 
  • precision environmental control
  • dry chemical fire suppression system
  • state of the art security including biometric access control, security cameras and onsite security

Get automatic backups. Not Optional - FREE!
Our website hosting include free automatic backups for all your data because we understand your data is valuable.
  • Hourly backup of all database data
  • Weekly backups of all website/mail data
  • 3 months backup archive
  • Off-site data backup storage


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